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Ultra Height: Mist City Climb By Ultra Fun Games ! 

For the beginners, it is a fun and scary experience where you climb and move around the highest city heights you ever seen!

For the advanced gamers, it is the most awesome, fun and challenging fitness/platformer/climbing game. It has 40 levels, each level becoming harder than the previous one, plus a bonus level and a workout mode (an infinite level perfectly designed for VR fitness)!

 You can wear sandbags for the wrists and a sand vest for a harder workout! If you just want to have fun, you can try to finish the levels in the mist city, but we bet you won't make it past level 30! 

Reach the tallest city heights, no other game takes you so high up! 

Jump, climb, move and zip to race against time and beat the highscore! 

Use fitness sandbags for a harder workout, no other game trains your arms like this! You can find VR fitness gear on UltraFunGames.com to buy!

The  most challenging VR climbing game so far!




Release Update:

* added collision of hands with walls and objects

* added haptic feedback on a successful grip

* added permanent canvas with time and best time for levels 12-40, where you can't see it all the time

* added permanent canvas with score and highscore for the workout level

* added "back" button for all levels to go back to the menu scene

* changed the menu scene's design and added secret items in it

* changed the colors of the textures of buildings and other environment elements

* citizens spawn faster


Get this VR Game and 9 more for $9.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
87% Off
$15.99 $2.07 USD or more

In order to download this VR Game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.07 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Ultra Height Mist City Climb 9.9.apk 282 MB
ULTRA HEIGHT 9.0-release.apk 281 MB
Ultra Height 8.0.apk 281 MB
Ultra Height: Mist City Climb ( 2nd Release) 281 MB
Ultra Height: Mist City Climb (Older Release) 283 MB
Ultra Height: Mist City Climb (BETA VERSION) 263 MB

Development log


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Hi Developers, is there a chance to get the applab key, since I bought this game already

yes, contact at ultrafungames.io@gmail.com please!

i've already purchased, please provide App Lab key

ok, we will send you a private message

please provide the email address you purchased with!

Thanks, but don't think itch supports private messages. nor do i want to post my email here. will try facebook messenger to @ULTRAFUNGAMES

Bought this game. How do I install on to my oculus quest 2.

Hi! You need to side-load it with an app like this one: https://sidequestvr.com/setup-howto . Install sidequest and then you can install the game if you connect the oculus 2 to the computer.

I am having lots of fun playing this! I have reached level 35 but it's very hard to get pass it so I am just playing the workout mode, which I think it's very cool with all these tall buildings and stuff! It's like a high city playground! 

This is one of the first games I am trying that are not on the Oculus Store. It is really good, something like a combination of The Climb, Richie's Plank and To The Top!

The first levels it puts you on a skyscrapper like in Richie's Plank, but here you have to go on moving platforms, use zip lines and climb ladders or the buidings, totally different experience! And even tho the graphics are not hyper realistic, it feels so real with the sounds, fog and having actual traffic, something I haven't seen in other games! At first, you might feel scared, depending on how used you are with VR, but then it gets really fun!

It get challenging, but it makes you feel like you are really there and it works out your arms and even the legs when you need to crouch or jump to climb the white skyscrapers!

I will keep playing and see what the next levels are like, the first one you can finish in a few seconds, but after level 6 or so it will take you a couple of minutes!

This game is just awesome! And it looks like it is never-ending! I am only at level 24 but it takes so long to finish a level now and it trains your shoulders a lot! It is very fun and it gets very realistic when you feel the shoulders hurting :D